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Quick Advice & Evaluation

Speedy Advice
& Evaluation

Instead of reading forums and asking peers, tell us about your challenges. We only use certified CIC experts to evaluate your specific situation.

Document Preparation & Review

Complete Document
Preparation & Review

Our specialists are aware of CIC’s decision making and work hard to ensure that document preparation is based on the standard requirements and can satisfy the CIC officers.

Legal Support & Representative

Experienced Legal Support
& Representative

Our team of experts can provide you with legal advice and support such as appeal, representing you and exact the best possible outcome of a given situation during the process.

How To Use Eshtimate Today?

We make it easy to hire the right Specialist

  • Share Your Story

    Tell us your challenge

    Everyone has a unique story when it comes to the immigration process. The process starts by you tell us your challenge. There will be some quick questions where you need to answer especially with the type of specialists you’re looking for.

  • Review Estimates

    Review Estimates

    Your request is then submitted to our database of certified CIC specialists. Within hours, you’ll receive up to five estimates based on your specific needs. The solutions provided will also include references to Government source documents

  • Hire the Right Specialists

    Choose Your Specialist For The Job

    All our specialists are dedicated, experienced and are fully aware of the CIC officer’s decision-making process. You will be able to review their profiles, past experiences, reviews from other clients and even compare estimates before making the hiring decision.

Why Visa and Immigration Seekers love Ehstimate?

We provide you the platform for finding an affordable and Perfect Solution that satisfies CIC's decision making

Quick Advice & Evaluation

Cost Savings

Consultants bid to your request. You have the luxury to pick your price.

Document Preparation & Review

Impeccable Solution

Avoid common mistakes. Take advantage by receiving solution from a qualified CIC certified expert

Legal Support & Representative

Urgent Help

Need it done now? We’ll match you with best specialists within hours of your request

Become a Consultant

When you work with Ehstimate, you control your calendar, your rates, and the sort of work you need to do.

Discover the service requests you cherish and the work/life adjust that fits you.

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